Réseau franco-néerlandais – Site web

The Réseau franco-néerlandais (the French-Dutch Network) is an organization which promotes exchange between France and the Netherlands in the field of higher education. They organize events, manages several prizes and scholarships and supports students, researchers and universities. The RFN is supported by their partner Nuffic, by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France and the Netherlands, and by the University of Lille.

The RFN wanted to increase engagement with their audience, re-introducing themselves, informing about their activities and improving their recognition. To attain this goal they needed to improve their online presence. As the RFN was using an out-of-date website which was difficult to navigate and maintain and had hardly any interaction with social media.

We helped the RFN to develop their online strategy and create a new website. For the new site we re-organized all the information, to increase accessibility. Making the new site easy to use and explore for the users. At the same time the content management system makes the site easy to maintain by the staff of the RFN. Attention was given to the actuality by presenting the main thematics on the front page, emphasizing news and events and improving social media integration.

The final website uses a clear design and has a timeless feel. It is user-oriented and interactive, with easy access to information, actuality and integration with social media. Resulting in a better connection with their audience. The website and the facebook page are now receiving a lot more traffic and greater involvement. And have become an integral part of the RFN and their activities.