Identité de marque BLNA Architects

Corporate identity BNLA Architects

Bloem en Lemstra Architecten is a young modern architecture firm based in Amsterdam focusing on living solutions on different scales. They needed a visual identity and logo to support their activities.

A visual concept was developed based on the notion that architecture is about creating space. And translated into a design for a visual identity. Using black and white squares a logoshape was created, combined with minimalist typography and clean aesthetics. As a contrast the logo is used to create map patterns which are used as a visual.

The identity was implemented in various media like businesscard and collateral.

« Wouter designed the logo and corporate identity for Bloem en Lemstra Architecten. We’re using this with satisfaction for years now. He also managed related matters, like business cards and letterhead with printers. Wouter has creative ideas and is pleasant and open in his communication. »
Eric Lemstra, Bloem en Lemstra Architecten