Système d’identité visuelle pour l’architecture

Visual identity system for the Architecture center of Amsterdam

Research and design project about the visual representation of architecture. Finding a visually interesting way to represent the core of architecture in visual design and image. I decided to use a visual identity system as a test-case.

Visual and conceptual research was done to find the best way to represent architecture and Amsterdam. This resulted in a concept using the unique map of Amsterdam as a basis for a modular system. Various versions of the map were made into a series of images showing different stages of deconstruction. The system was finally developed into a manual to construct new images and shape the identity.

Finally the identity was implemented in creating thematic designs for a series of lectures and events. Resulting in a series of posters, brochures and other print collateral. Each series unique but still recognisable as a whole. The project was published in Items magazine and exhibited in the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Hague.