Nouveau centre néerlandais – Branding & Site web

The Nouveau centre néerlandais is a dutch language and culture center in the heart of Paris, France. Founded in 2014 it’s the informal successor of the language department of the former Institut Néerlandais, where the founder was the head of language education. Next to language courses the Nouveau centre néerlandais also organizes culture and history lectures and events. 

The challenge: After 5 years of growing activities the Nouveau centre néerlandais now has more than 200 students per year and is the largest of its kind in France. Following their current situation, the center wanted to update their branding and communication. To better reflect who they are and to improve the connection with their audience. At the same time the center was in dire need of a new website. As the existing website was out-of-date and was no longer representative of the center.

What we did:
We worked with the center to create their new branding and communication. We developed a communication strategy, created a visual identity, and designed and realized several media like the website and new print-media. For the realization of the website we collaborated with our partner Drost & Co.

Approach: We decided the new communication had to better express what the Nouveau centre néerlandais represents. And to better reach and serve their target group and audience. The overall approach we took was to express the representative and neutral nature of the center, but at the same time to keep an inviting character with a playful touch. To achieve this we were looking into updating the information and communication itself as well as introducing a new visual style and design.

Visual identity: The new visual identity combines a clear and utilitarian aesthetic with playful elements, creating a timeless feel. Starting with the new logo, which combines the name with a stylized ’N’ icon, with elements of a ribbon, and the color scheme of orange, gray and blue, which symbolically links France to the Netherlands. And finally a combination of three colored photo-blocks, which are positioned dynamically in different compositions. We translated the new branding and visual identity into the design and realization of several media.

The website:
The new website is the main information and communication hub of the Nouveau centre néerlandais. It has to combine different functions. Inviting the audience. Connecting with the students. Informing about lessons and activities. And at the same time function as an archive of the past activities. 

We set up the new website to be more user-oriented and did a huge overhaul of the information. This largely improved the information structure making the site more easily accessible. The visual identity is present in an overall timeless, neutral and utilitarian appearance. This is also translated into the backend of the website, which  makes it easy for the center to update and maintain.

The website also includes an integrated web-shop and a student-login. Clients and audience can now reserve and directly pay their courses and organized events. And students can check the website to access their homework and exercises. The payment process is a lot easier and faster. And the connection of the center with its students is greatly improved.

Other media:
Next to the digital communication we also helped the Nouveau centre néerlandais with the development of their printed media. We worked both on the structure of the content as well as the design.
We translated the visual identity into several media, like a folder, flyer, program, bookmark, and print collateral. Using a clear design with a playful touch. Recognizable, inviting and informative. And all connecting to the main information hub, the website.

Together the different on- and offline communication media work well together. And give the center a new impulse, now and in the future. More professional, open to new clients and activities. And greatly improving the connection of the center with its exiting and future audience.