Atelier néerlandais – Site web

The Atelier Néerlandais is a platform for the Dutch creative industry in France and is part of the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Atelier helps to promote dutch design, art and literature from their office in Paris. Organizing lectures, special events, exhibitions and facilitating with their office-space for its members. 

The existing website of the Atelier Néerlandais was some years old. Its existing design was based on a graphic style using a lot of typographic compositions. It was creative but not so user friendly. It was difficult to find the information you were searching for. To know who are the members. And it was difficult to maintain as well. The Atelier Néerlandais wanted to make their website more relevant to its members and stakeholders. More interactive, more informative and easier to use.

After an analysis of the existing website we advised the Atelier Néerlandais to create a totally new website. We helped them with the editorial design and information structure. As well as with the overal design and realization of the site. Integrating the existing typographic identity, using it in a more functional manner. And creating a totally new information structure, focussing on use-ability and clear information design.

For the technical implementation and development we were happy to have been working together on this project with digital design studio Drost & Co. Using the latest wordpress techniques.

The new website is light and easy to use and gives center stage to the actuality and news, putting a spotlight on the members of the Atelier Néerlandais. Creating better connections between the members, the Atelier, and the french market.