Institut Français – Séries de brochures ‘Tournedisque’

Institut Français Brochure-line ‘Tournedisque’

After successfully creating a brochure-line for their activities in 2016-2017, the Institut français asked us to create a new brochure-line for the season 2017-2018. The Institut français promotes french language and culture throughout the world and is part of the french diplomatic service. For their Groningen office, the Institute needed a new line of program brochures for the new seasons. The new brochures had to appeal to a younger crowd, considering the university students, while still accessible to a wider audience.

Continuing the basic thought of the brochure-line we previously created for the Institut Français, we developed a new visual concept. Inspired by the ‘tournedisque’ (record shapes) we created a new graphic image for the cover. A circular composition with pictures of classic and contemporary french popular artists, inserted in superimposed circle shapes. Creating a playful image of french culture. The circular shapes continue in a subtle way through the rest of the brochure. Combined with clear and modern typography.