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June 2017

Reinterpreting the city – Telling the story of Lille

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Recently I gave a 4-day workshop, titled ‘Reinterpreting the city – Telling the story of Lille’, for the Master 2 graphic design students of the ECV Creative Schools & Community in Lille, North of France.

Goal of the workshop was for the students to use their creative skills and show the city of Lille from a new perspective. Telling the visual story of Lille through the creation of a series of magazines and posters.

The students worked in teams, each focussing on a specific neighborhood. Doing visual field-research, interviews, gathering information and giving their unique interpretations. During their final presentation the students presented their projects, showcasing the different neighborhoods in a series of graphic posters and magazines. Highlighting the diversity of the city and showing Lille from new perspectives. The final works were exhibited during the open days of the school.