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July 2017

Refining Professional and Personal Dynamics

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Together with António Ferreira, a personal development coach and urban planning researcher, we organized a workshop called ‘Refining Professional and Personal Dynamics’ which took place in july at HOF20, center for personal development in Haarlem.

We combined our knowledge from the academic, personal development and communication fields to create this full-day workshop. In a playful and insightful way we helped people refine their professional and personal dynamics. During the day we combined dynamic body work, reflection, expressive group exercises and creative visualizations. At the end the participants used their new insights to create boards to define their personal and professional vision. It was great to organize this workshop together, the participants were enthusiastic and created inspiring results!

Ceci n’est pas une ‘Kijkdoos’

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During the ‘Hackathon #404 Territory Not Found’ students and young professionals were working on ideas to strengthen ties between Lille, the main city in the north of France, and southern dutch cities. My team and I won the final pitch with our idea. Our concept is called ‘Le Kijkdoos’, roughly translated in ‘viewing box’. It is based on an ancient dutch custom where children use an old shoe-box to create a diorama with small figures, telling a story. The top of the box has transparent paper which lets through light. The front has a small peeping hole to look inside and see the show.

The element of wonder and anticipation of ‘what’s inside the box?!’ is the starting point of our idea. Which will be a catalyst to get people exited about the different cities and strengthen their ties. We want to transform the ‘Kijkdoos’ into a large interactive installation. To be placed on the main squares of the participating cities. People would walk past it and be intrigued, they would have to possibility to look and see what’s inside this box. Inside we would show an unexpected perspective on the city, making people interested to learn more and connect with the city.

An important part of our idea is that our Kijkdoos is not just a ‘Kijkdoos’, but a vehicle to connect people, cities and cultures in various ways. The visitors, but also the content creators. We would like to invite inhabitants from different socio-economical groups to participate. To show parts of the city that are special to them. Although our project is suitable for all the cities in the south of the Netherlands and for Lille. First the focus lies on 2 cities, namely Rotterdam and Lille. Celebrating the 60 years anniversary of their sister-city bond in 2018. At the moment the project is in further development.

Improving dutch-french relations with a ‘Kijkdoos’

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Recently I was invited to participate to the ‘Hackathon #404 Territory Not Found’, a 3-day event organized by the Métropole Européenne de Lille and the Réseau franco-néerlandais.

Students and young professionals from France and The Netherlands brainstormed together to develop new ways to strengthen ties between the Lille Metropolis in the north of France and southern dutch cities. And gathered together with representatives of the dutch and french economic and cultural sector to talk about these subjects.

It was a great cross-pollination of different ideas, backgrounds, cultures and competences. Everyone worked hard and came up with great proposals! Thanks to all the participants for making it such an inspiring time. And especially my team-members Thomas, Jesse, Björn and Edouard. Great that our proposal for ‘Le Kijkdoos’ won the pitch and will become an actual project! 🙂