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SIMILAR between the French-Belgian border

By 24 August, 2020August 25th, 2020Uncategorized

Recently we finished a website for an Interreg Europe project called SIMILAR. A collaboration between the Universities of Lille, Mons and Ghent, financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The project is aimed at improving economic exchange in the cross-border region of France, Wallonia and Flanders and is mainly focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food industry.

We advised and helped the project team with the creation of a bilingual website, which will form the hub of project SIMILAR. With information, articles, news and learning-modules in the field of cross-cultural business, law and language. We advised about the content, proposed the information structure, the editorial design and the overall design, following guidelines from the Interreg corporate identity. And developed this into the final website. Ready for the team to fill with content.

The website has a clear and neutral design and information structure, aimed at the target-audience. Forming a sort of white canvas for the content. Easy to use for visitors and web-editors and therefore an ideal platform to inform and interact about the project. For the development of the website we collaborated with Drost & Co. The site will be online soon.