International Labour Organization – Training Module

Public Private Partnership Training Module

The International Labour Organization, as part of the United Nations, works to improve the conditions for workers around the world. Their department, the International Training Center, supports their worldwide staff with an online learning platform. For this platform the ILO needed to develop an e-learning module concerning public private partnerships. To be integrated in the existing online environment. The challenge was to structure large quantities of information and create an interactive way to connect with the staff. Combining an online database with interactive learning and easy engagement.

Together with our partner Ôkarina, a specialist in learning services, we developed an interactive online training module for this platform. The module was divided in three parts: Learning, Training and Toolkit. We transformed large quantities of static information and translated this in a combination of an easily accessible database and an interactive learning tool.
Including specially created videos and interactive quizzes. The staff can use the module to find information, do online tests with which they can become certified and download training support materials for offline use. To prepare them for their work and negotiations. The online module was accompanied with a set of brochures.